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I am 3rd year graduate student in Indiana University, where I am working towards PhDs in Cognitive Science and Informatics, with an emphasis in Complex Systems. I am also a trainee in the NSF IGERT for the dynamics of brain-body-environment systems. My primary advisor is Randy Beer.

My research falls within the intersection of complex systems science and cognitive science, in the approach of embodied dynamicism. This approach studies how cognitive processes emerge from the nonlinear and circular causality of continuous sensorimotor interactions involving the brain, body, and environment. Through this dynamical unfolding, agents come to control their behavior, define a niche, and bring forth a world rich with significance.

I pursue this perspective with the computational methodologies of evolutionary robotics, in which minimal dynamical models of cognition are evolved with genetic algorithms, and then the resulting systems are analyzed with dynamical systems theory to uncover their underlying strategies.